Why Direct to Consumer?

Unique Brand Experience 

In the current digital economy, direct to consumer is no longer optional, brands must deliver their unique brand experience through owned channels

Customer Lifetime

By constantly re-engaging the customers through D2C channels, brands can increase customer lifetime value through retention

Deep Consumer Insights

D2C platforms provide data led (transaction, website behavior) insights to  enhance product, brand and user experience

Proof of Concepts

Brands can use D2C platforms to ramp up their speed to market and do Proof of Concept testing

Consumer Research

Ability to reach your customer directly for consumer research

D2C Playbook

Scale based differentiated approach

The stage of business determines the strategy and execution plan on all aspects of the market mix, priorities between acquisition, retention, scale and cost efficiency

Build a clear proposition and consistent messaging
Finding early category adopters
Driving scale with identified successful consumer segments
Key metrics :
Click Through Rates , Conversions

Only product exists

Understand reasons for brand trials
Experiment with adjacent consumer segments
Expand product portfolio
Key metrics: CAC, AOV, New acquisitions

> 50 lac revenue p/m

Strategic brand partnerships
Brand positioning
Alternate media channels for efficiencies and new audiences
Research to develop deep consumer understanding
Key metrics:
RoAS, Sales

Growth Rates, LTV, Retention Rates, NPS

Expand acquisition segments
Create a
robust retention funnel W
New product opportunities for existing customers
Key metrics: RoAS, Channel level CAC, Retention Rates

> 50 lac revenue p/m

< 10 lac revenue p/m

10-50 lac revenue p/m


Success Stories

Performance Marketing

Managing performance marketing for Global markets for the brand through advertising on digital channels


3x increase in revenue in 6

Digital Assets &
Performance Marketing

Helping the brand transition to
a brand aligned consumer
friendly D2C platform


40% ROAS improvement in 2 months

Logo_without_background_940x (1).png

New Product Portfolio

Strategy and execution of an additional portfolio with the dual objective of increasing retention and
Average Order Value


2x increase in retention

Digital Assets &
Performance Marketing

Helping the brand transition to
a brand aligned consumer
friendly D2C platform


Setup and ramped up D2C sales in 1 month with 3+ ROAS

Performance Marketing

Scaled up D2C through creating a differentiated product portfolio, delivering the brand message across
all media platforms


8x increase in revenue in 12



Badri Beriwal

Business Head (New Business) & CEO BritChip (JV Britannia & Chipita)
Britannia Industries Limited

The team at ENSO brings deep learning and insights in the FMCG Sales and Distribution space. Their data driven approach, understanding of technology, attention to detail and execution ensured that the project was able to meet its required milestones. I look forward to working with them in the future.




At Enso we are passionate about business problem solving. We are business owners and have been business managers in the past. We believe that making optimal decisions for business is critical. Aspects of technology, creative and marketing are tools to achieve business scale and efficiency. We like to get involved in depth to understand current business challenges and offer bespoke solutions for pressing business problems.

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