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Work With Us


  • Great opportunity to learn as you will be one of the first few employees

  • Fast growth prospects as we are growing fast and we want people who join us early to grow with us

  • Freedom to learn, explore and try multiple things

  • You will work on multiple assignments at the same time helping you understand different businesses

Open Positions

Digital Performance Marketing Manager

Experience - 1-3 years


  • Launch and manage performance marketing campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. for our clients

  • Media planning for all campaigns

  • Campaign management for e commerce marketplaces - Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

  • Regular reports on campaign performance and business to be shared with clients



  • Proven experience in handling e-commerce campaigns on Facebook and Google

  • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices

  • Experience with email campaigns and marketing on e-commerce marketplaces will be preferred

  • Knowledge of google analytics and attribution set up for campaigns

  • Good communication skills 


Social Media Interns

If you breathe in and breathe out Social media, talk in #hashtags, live around your social media handles, then we have cool handles for you. 



  • Active user & ability to manage social media - Instagram, FB, Snapchat, linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, etc.

  • Strong Communication Skills and ability to write creative copies

  • Creative sense and ability to find the best creative references

Digital Performance Marketing Interns

If you want to explore digital traffic, get familiar with Keywords, SEO, PPC and Campaign management, then we have a few amazing opportunities. Build a strong foundation in e-commerce​.



  • Basic Understanding of Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn 

  • Good Communication Skills

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