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4 new Features on Instagram

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Are you using them?

Instagram keeps rolling out new features to enhance user experience and get content creators/ brands to engage better and more seamlessly with their users.

Staying updated and using these features can help you connect with your community in newer and richer ways. Here are some new features that have been roller out recently.

1. Simultaneous Live Stream

This feature is under test, where livestreams can work seamlessly across linked Facebook and Instagram profiles.

2. Instagram for Desktop

Instagram has intentionally kept its web version with limited functionality. But with this update, the live feeds can be viewed on desktop giving you access to the same feed on a larger screen.

3. You can DM using Instagram desktop app

For creators and outreach where DMs are an important means to outreach, having to type on the phone can become time consuming and painful. With this new feature, you can use the desktop app like any other chat application for desktop.

4. IGTV Previews are now available in stories

500Mn+ users view Instagram stories everyday. Instagram solves the limitation of long format content through iGTV and now stories can act live a preview to your long format content hosted on the platform itself.

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